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Writer's Guidelines for Field Area Prayers, InterVarsity's Emerging Scholars Network Blog

We welcome prayers for those in all academic field areas, and we welcome your creativity. Feel free to send us prayers celebrating the things you love about a field, praying for its practitioners to flourish in the virtues and skills it requires, interceding for important breakthroughs in research or wisdom in teaching in a field, etc. We encourage a view of a field area that includes all career stages, but we're also open to a prayer specifically for a career stage (such as being a postdoc or achieving tenure) if that's what you find yourself writing.

We ask that all submissions for this project conform to the InterVarsity Basis of Faith statement. We hope to publish a wide range of submissions. Sadly, we do occasionally have to decline a submission that doesn't quite fit our particular publishing needs at a certain time. We ask for your patience and generosity in these cases, and we look forward to sharing many prayers on the blog this coming spring semester, Lord willing.

Rough word count: 100-500, flexible

Examples: A Prayer for Student Writers, A Prayer for Those Studying the Humanities

Note: Not all of these are focused on one specific field, but they model some similar modes of prayer to what we're looking for here. 

To Submit: 

1. Please submit your prayer in a Word doc format through Moksha. 

2. Please include a short bio in the Cover Letter form. Unless you specify that you prefer anonymous publication, we will plan to use this bio as the basis of your public bio at the ESN blog, if we publish your piece. 

Thanks so much!

The ESN Team